Welcome to 5Con Dealers!

Dealer's Room

Want to sell your wares to a bunch of geeks, freaks and fen? We need you! Our dealers room is open to both con-goers and public. All tables are 30" by 72" and we can provide electriciy. Your dealer registration also includes con membership for you and your crew (see below on number of con badges per table).

Tables Badges Price
1 table 2 badges $30
2 tables 3 badges $50
3 tables 4 badges $70


If you pre-register as a dealer by February 15, you get an additional 10% off your registration price.

If you have been a dealer at a prior 5con, let us know and you get an addition 5% off your registration price.

How to Register

Please contact Amanda at awight@the-wights.com if you are interested in being a dealer at 5Con!


Con Book

If you can't make it, or even if you can, consider advertising in our Con Book! Make sure the 5con con-goers know about you and your store! Each con book page is 5.5" x 8.5".

Size Price
Business Card $15
1/4 page $25
1/2 page $35
Full Page $50
Inside Cover $100

Please note that there is no guarunteed placement, it is first come, first serve. So get those entries in early!

To submit a con book entry, please contact Amanda at awight@the-wights.com.

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